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Asoka glass

Established in 1946, Asoka Glass & Mirror Co is a pioneer in the glass industry in Sri Lanka. Thanks to our forward thinking approach, we have supplied cutting edge glass products to the local industry for decades. Whatever your glass needs may be, we at Asoka Glass & Mirror Co are sure to have the right product for you. From private to corporate solutions, our dedicated teams will help you find the right products to help make your design dreams come true.

Low E & Reflective Glass

Low Emissivity or Low E glass is a type of glass that helps repel Ultra Violet Rays from entering a space. They are ideal for helping to keep a room cool during hot days or helping to trap day time heat in cooler climates.

Low E are so advanced that they will let other rays through but block harmful ones by actual filtering the solar light spectrum that enters a building. The Low E coating on the glass is thinner than a human hair but is a very potent light filter.