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Asoka glass

Established in 1946, Asoka Glass & Mirror Co is a pioneer in the glass industry in Sri Lanka. Thanks to our forward thinking approach, we have supplied cutting edge glass products to the local industry for decades. Whatever your glass needs may be, we at Asoka Glass & Mirror Co are sure to have the right product for you. From private to corporate solutions, our dedicated teams will help you find the right products to help make your design dreams come true.

Reflective Float Glass

Reflective Glass opens up new dimensions offering architects almost unlimited possibilities and areas of usage. Whether employed externally on facades, roof glazing’s, conservatories, vehicles etc, or inside as room dividers or as components of high quality furniture.
Reflective Float Glass provides the solutions you are seeking in glass designs, moreover, Reflective glass coated products offer an outstanding return on investment when you consider the savings in air conditioning and heating costs due to the unique properties of the coated glass.