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Established in 1946, Asoka Glass & Mirror Co is a pioneer in the glass industry in Sri Lanka. Thanks to our forward thinking approach, we have supplied cutting edge glass products to the local industry for decades. Whatever your glass needs may be, we at Asoka Glass & Mirror Co are sure to have the right product for you. From private to corporate solutions, our dedicated teams will help you find the right products to help make your design dreams come true.

Anti Bandit Glass

Anti-Bandit Glass is designed as a high security, maximum protection against intruders. It consist of a multi-layered glass confi guration capable of resisiting the most severe vandalism against weapons such as an axe or a hammer. When broken by impact, the glass will adhere to the interlayer and generally stay in the frame, minimizing the risk of injury from sharp edges, flying or falling glass and strongly resists penetration by the intruder. Anti-Bandit Glass provides the building owner and his occupants a physically safe environment and completepeace of mind.

Area of Usage

  •  High-risk shops
  •  Military installations
  •  Police stations
  •  Banks
  •  Airport terminals
  •  Government buildings
  •  Embassies
  •  Financial institutions
  •  High security buildings

Product Specifications

Anti-Bandit Glass has been tested and conform to AS/NZS (Austrialian Standard / New Zealand Standard) 2343 having the ability to resist ballistic attack measured in the specifi c requirement. Anti-Bandit Glass is tested to EN 356 classification P6B for ant